Gordon Murray's tiny T25 proves big on bluster

4 September 2009

t25 seating layoutsWe admire car designer Gordon Murray, and we sincerely hope he finds a buyer keen to put his T25 city car into production. But we are concerned, because it seems the man is inclined to exaggerate.

Early in the T25’s gestation, Murray reportedly said the car would be a mini multi-purpose vehicle. We were deeply puzzled as to how his micro-footprint vehicle would perform any MPV-like tricks – folding third seating rows, seats that double as picnic tables, overhead storage lockers, that sort of thing.

It turns out that multi-purpose in this instance means, “an MPV package offering 6 internal layouts within the same vehicle, each layout being easily achieved within 30 seconds,” according to Murray’s eponymous company.

Now forgive us our scepticism, but it seems to us that the T25’s six seating configurations are about as varied as a greasy spoon’s menu.

You can have:
A driver plus lots of luggage
A driver plus one adult
A driver plus one child
A driver plus two adults
A driver plus two children
A driver plus one adult and one child.

Amazing. By this reckoning, the original Fiat 500 is also an MPV, given that it can accommodate all of the above.

Actually, Murray has missed a trick, because we’re pretty sure he’s neglected many other realistic transportation options:
A driver plus a dog
A driver plus two dogs
A driver plus a dog and a fox
A driver plus a fox and a chicken.

No, hang on, that last one doesn’t sound safe.

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