Autocar takes a T25 mule for a spin

2 September 2009

T25 prototype driven by again it’s Autocar that has the scoop on the upcoming T25 urban car – it must be Gordon Murray’s favourite mag. Back in February it was also the first to provide a peek at the car’s styling.

This time Autocar has succeeded in taking a skeletal T25 prototype for a spin, and has the pictures to prove it.

The article confirms things we’ve already discussed here at – the car will be a three-seater, with a central driver’s seat and two-abreast at the rear.

According to Steve Cropley’s blog, entry and exit will be via the nose, in the style of an Isetta bubble car. Presumably in true bubble style the steering column will swing to one side along with the door. All the better for nose-to-the-kerb parking, to maximise the narrow T25’s chances of squeezing into those annoying half-spaces you see so often when searching for a spot along crowded city streets.

And the good news is that Autocar gives the tiny T25 a big thumbs up for its driving characteristics. It might still lack a body, but this little car has soul, apparently.

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