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12 March 2014

Caterham 7, Prisoner-style

Like many people with an interest in cars, I walk around carrying a well-stocked garage full of vehicles in my head. If money were miraculously no longer a barrier, I know roughly how big a barn I’d need (quite a big one) and precisely which models I’d want to put in it.

This is, so my dream barn would not be cluttered up with ludicrous Lamborghinis or unfeasible Ferraris. I’d rather have a more modest Caterham 7. Small, light cars with big personalities are what fill my menu, with the odd hefty exception on the grounds of engineering excellence or undeniable charm.

Classic Range Rover

Today, my dream barn is just a little less imaginary, courtesy of eBay. Alas that doesn’t mean the well-known auction site has agreed to fund my obsession, but it has asked me to take part in the UK launch of its new eBay Collections feature. And naturally one of the first collections I have assembled is entitled “Dream Barn”.

The rest of the world can now see inside my mind and learn exactly what I’d like to buy if I had the cash. You might even click through to snap up one of my dream motors, if you’re a lot less strapped than I am and don’t mind me hating you.

Fiat X1/9

Previously limited to the site, collections capability is now enabled for UK-based members trading through the site, including eBay Motors.

Members can now set up a public profile – mine’s here – and start curating their own collections. The feature is not limited to cars, of course. Anything you can buy on eBay can feature in a collection, and that umbrella covers a very broad range of things, as demonstrated by another of my own lists, called “You Only Live Twice”.

Audi 100 Avant Quattro

To start collecting, look for the new “add to collection” link when you view an item on – you’ll find it lurking beneath the “Place bid” button. Click the link and a box will pop up allowing you to name your new collection or add the current item to one of your existing lists.

Helpfully, you can choose to make each collection either public or private. If made public, your collection may well spring up on the right-hand side of the results page when other people search for similar items on eBay. They can then opt to follow your collection for inspiration, and of course you too can follow lists compiled by others. For example, I’m following the quirky car collections put together by PetrolBlog.

Suzuki Cappuccino

I’ll be adding to my Collections over the next couple of months, with lots more interesting green motors to come, all of them for sale through eBay. I’ve already made lists of electric cars, hybrid cars, bubble cars and three wheelers, and many other interesting vehicles.

Follow me today and you’ll be able to keep up with all my latest finds.

Citroen 2CV6

This is a sponsored post. is participating in the commercial launch of eBay Collections.

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