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25 May 2013

Today I’m taking part in Pinterest UK’s Pin It Forward campaign, which involves 300 bloggers in the UK. I’m not sure where my blog sits in the chain of 300, but the next blog in line is My Car Gossip, which aims to help women find female-friendly motoring services.

I’ve started using Pinterest because cars are such visual things and Pinterest is above all about arresting images. I try to take my own photographs when I write about cars for, rather than regurgitating the same old perfectly posed shots provided by manufacturers. I’m an amateur behind the lens but I hope some of my photos are eye-catching enough to draw attention, among the many fantastic images highlighted by Pinterest users.

Pinterest is built around the notion of boards – digital equivalents to the cork board you might hang on the wall and pin postcards to, along with other bits and bobs of interesting or useful flotsam. You can easily start your own Pinterest boards to share with others, and follow boards created by others who share your interests.

I aim to post my green car stories on Pinterest as they appear – as I also do with Twitter. I’d be delighted if you followed me on either platform. If you want to join Pinterest and follow my pins about cars, here’s a link that will let you do that. If you’re already a member, you’ll know how it all works.

photographing cars

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