Holy hybrids Batman, is that the new FT-Bh?

22 February 2012

Toyota FT-Bh rear lamp teaser imageToyota has released teaser photographs and a video revealing brief glimpses of its upcoming FT-Bh concept car, which is due to go on display at next month’s Geneva motor show.

As the photo of its tail reveals, the compact hybrid looks as if it might offer suitable transport for Batman and Robin, with its vertical rear lamps formed into a pair of scalloped, bat-wing wiggles.

Batman would need to be prepared to downsize from his current Batmobile, given that the “B” in FT-Bh stand for B-segment. That’s the supermini sector currently occupied by the likes of Toyota’s Yaris. The full name expands as Future Toyota B-segment hybrid.

Toyota says its FT-Bh will weigh just 800kg – midway between the tiny Smart ForTwo and the only slightly less wee Toyota iQ.

Despite its modest mass, Toyota’s concept will apparently provide a proper five-seat supermini cabin. The company adds that it has avoided resorting to unusual materials like carbon fibre to shed the pounds. Instead it says it has used conventional materials – presumably in unconventional ways. It has focused on reducing weight and energy consumption across the whole vehicle, including superior aerodynamics and a downsized hybrid powertrain.

The company says the FT-Bh achieves CO2 emissions that are half the current average across the supermini sector. It doesn’t say how efficiency compares to its frugal B-segment production model, the upcoming Yaris Hybrid.

No doubt all will be revealed in the first week of March, at the Geneva show.

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