Smart Tailor Made has the brrmm brrmm factor

6 May 2010

Smart ForTwo brochureCity-car maker Smart kindly sent us a spiral-bound book in the post today, although we’re not exactly sure what it’s supposed to be for.

It could possibly be some sort of brochure for the ForTwo Brabus Tailor Made, a version of the little car that can be customised inside and out with a range of premium materials and colourful paints – for those who are happy to spend the wrong side of £20,000 on a tiny two-seat runabout.

On the other hand, it could be some sort of interactive story book aimed at sticky-fingered toddlers, who will clearly enjoy pulling and shoving the coloured cards in and out of the slots in the pages, changing the hue of bits of bodywork by virtue of cut-outs in the pictures.

Anyone who’s read a story to an under-five in recent years will certainly recognise the style.

That’s not my Smart... its doors are too blue.
That’s not my Smart... its bumpers are too red.
That’s not my Smart... its wheels are too orange.
And that’s certainly not my Smart... it’s too bloody expensive.

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