Another EV option for London

24 April 2009

Citroen C1 carsWe hear that the Electric Car Corporation will be launching a new baby in London on April 30.

ECC plans to offer a pure-electric conversion of the Citroen C1 city car, with a promised range of 60 miles and target top speed of 60mph. For which you might expect a whopping £30,000 price tag, to match the e500 Fiat conversion shown off by the Nice Car Company at last year’s British Motor Show (before Nice ran out of juice and changed hands). But no, the ECC C1 is aiming to come in under £15,000, apparently.

ECC C1 doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, so we’re relieved to learn that the car will be called Evie.

Electric vehicle, EV, Evie, geddit? Oh never mind, we’ll tell you more about the car when we know more.

ECC describes itself as “a well financed public limited company with its headquarters in Park Lane, London”. Not far from where Tesla’s new shop is due to open up, in Knightsbridge. Both cars probably aim to provide second or third-car transport for the well-heeled, but attack the problem from different ends of the spectrum. You will be able to buy six Evies for the price of one Tesla Roadster, after all.

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