Clever Prius and bigger iQ due at Geneva

26 February 2009

White mk3 Toyota PriusToyota has told us what will be on its Geneva motor show stand, two of which will be of interest to the greener motorist – although the truly green won’t be schlepping all the way to the land of Alpine horns to ogle cars, of course.

Unsurprisingly, the new Prius will loom large, boasting enough technology to make all the other cars at the show feel like horseless carriages. It offers a head-up display and solar-powered ventilation system as well as the ability to park itself.

“Overall system power has been increased by 22 per cent,” Toyota reminds us in its press release, adding that the Prius’s fuel economy has been improved by 10 per cent and CO2 emissions cut to just 89g/km. These figures do, however, make us wonder what might have been done to the mpg and CO2 figures had they left the overall system power where it was. Perhaps increasing the total pedal-down power makes no difference to the miser-mode figures.

The Prius version 3 goes on sale in the UK in July this year, at a price that’s yet to be announced but will clearly not be on a par with Honda’s £15,500 Insight.

Toyota 1.33 with Stop & StartAlso destined for UK showrooms in July is the 1.33-litre version of the tiddly Toyota iQ. With 99bhp at its disposal this iQ will be a much faster and more flexible proposition than the current 1.0-litre edition. Toyota says the new engine should furnish 58.9mpg and CO2 emissions of 113g/km when pedalled through a six-speed manual gearbox, helped by a Stop & Start system to cut the engine when stationary. The figures worsen to 55.4mpg and 120g/km if the 1.3 comes equipped with Toyota’s “Multidrive” CVT automatic.

The currently available 1.0-litre iQ 5-speed manual is still the greener option, of course. It manages an official 65.7mpg – or 71.6mpg if you’re trying hard – and 99g/km.

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