A second glimpse of the Tazzari Zero

19 October 2008

Tazzari ZeroItalian industrial group Tazzari is gearing up to produce its own electric car, and today released the first clear image of the thing. The firm had previously provided a somewhat annoying teaser video. The new picture of the Tazzari Zero looks a little on the computer-generated side to us, but then the real thing is not due on the road until next year.

The teaser video gives a few specs: 542kg weight, 90km/h (56mph) top speed, 150km (93 mile) range, 0-50km/h (31mph) in 5 seconds, all of which seem like reasonable claims. The stated 45-minute recharge and running costs of 1p per mile will require an industrial three-phase supply and some creative accounting, respectively. The batteries are to be lithium-based.

Today Tazzari added that the Zero’s electric motor is “centrally positioned” – we hope the batteries are too if the aim is for mid-engined balance and manoeuvrability. It will also be rear-wheel drive.

Tazzari Group specialises in cast aluminium, so it’s no surprise to learn that the Zero will boast an aluminium frame with, presumably, plastic panels. There are no details yet on price or availability.

In stance and proportions it reminds us a little of the MyCar, which also boasts Italian style but is made in Hong Kong and and is currently a slower and probably cheaper option. The Zero will in fact be sold alongside the MyCar in the UK by the Nice Car Company.

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