Gordon Murray on the T.25 challenge

14 September 2008

Gordon MurrayThe New York Times has published a superb Q&A with Gordon Murray, designer of intelligent cars from the furiously fast McLaren F1 to the lusciously lean Light Car Company Rocket. And, of course, the man in the process of building the already intriguing T.25 city car.

Quotes of which to take note:

“Building an ultra-light but safe and efficient car at a very low cost and sales price requires the exact same lateral thinking and philosophy we applied to the McLaren F1... it was a new start in sports-car packaging by fitting three adults, a 6-litre V-12 engine, 90 liters of fuel and five suitcases in a footprint smaller than a Porsche Boxster.”

“[The Rocket] remains today the world’s lightest production car at 370kg.”

“Our projected fuel consumption is about 80mpg ... [the projected purchase price is] £5,500.”

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