British Motor Show 2008 pictures

1 August 2008

Here are a few snaps from our day spent perusing the buffed motors at the British Motor Show.

Think City wheelarch
The small orange lamps in the wheel-arches of the Think City electric car stick out more than we expected. Not good for a city car. We hope they're not expensive to replace.

FCX Clarity, badly scratched
Somebody disliked Japanese hydrogen-fuel-cell cars enough to give the Honda FCX Clarity a nasty gouge with a key. Someone over on a visit from Detroit, maybe?

Union-Jack wheelarch badge
The fabulous Morgan Life Car leaves onlookers in no doubt as to its cultural roots:

Super Light
A side view of the ultra-compact Super Light Electric Sport Car. It really is an intriguing little thing and we wish it were destined for production.

Super Light interior
Once in place, the cockpit of the Super Light is a great place to be. Getting there is a less pleasant exercise in contortionism. Looks easy - but isn't.

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