Spotted: new Mega City in the wild

30 June 2008

New Mega City electric carWe couldn't help noticing this bright tangerine new-style Nice Mega City electric car, parked in central London's busy Wardour Street the other day. The lack of vendor livery suggests it might even be a customer car, rather than a demonstrator or promotional vehicle.

So that's one sold, at least.

The restyle works really well, we reckon. The new car looks a lot more attractive from the side, particularly where the swoopy curve has replaced the old angular chop around the C-pillar. The new rear side-window radius echoes the curve of the screen pillar, and gives the daylight opening a cohesive symmetry. Shame about the yawning fist-sized voids betwen the tops of the tyres and the wheelarches.

We peered inside, as you do, trying not to look like we were about to nick it. The interior looks to have much the same neat but rather flimsy centre console as the old model.

Judging from Car Magazine's recent test drive, the biggest complaints we had when we drove the old car last year - lack of acceleration beyond 30mph and "crashingly bad" ride quality - still remain to be fixed. Still, one thing at a time.

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