Danny takes a ride in a Think

29 February 2008

Th!nk carElectric car blog Danny’s Contentment has some great video material of the new Think electric car, as a couple of yellow examples made a flying visit to London this week. Presumably they were stopping off on their way to next week’s Geneva Motor Show, as they were on Norwegian plates and are apparently not in the UK any more. We wish we had Danny’s contacts and could have been there to have a poke too.

The Think is scheduled to go on sale in the UK towards the end of 2008 and according to Danny’s scoop will cost £14,000 to buy plus £100 per month to lease the batteries. The claimed figures include a maximum range of 125 miles and 65mph top speed, with an eight-hour full recharge. The lithium polymer batteries are happy to be topped up from a lesser discharge, of course.

While the Think looks a lot like other small city electric cars, there’s a big difference: it will be fully homologated as a car, not slipped onto the market under the lower quadricycle barrier. That means it has to pass 30mph crash tests, and boast airbags up front - essentials given the high top speed.

This, of course, means that it will be the first modern fully electric car on the UK market.

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