Pedal to the metal

16 December 2007

Pivo 2 pedals: fast forward and stopWe loved the playful cleverness hidden down in the footwells of Nissan's two Pivo prototypes: this year's Pivo 2 features music-player-style fast-forward and stop iconography, a sidestep from the pedals featured in the earlier egg-on-a-rollerskate Pivo 1, with bold add and subtract symbology.

We're unlikely too see either option on a Nissan forecourt any time soon. Nissan Pivo pedals: plus and minusThere's nothing in either Pivo that couldn't be done in a production vehicle - but Nissan has said the cost of swivelling cabins would be prohibitive. Plus, of course, big car corporations tend to water down the creative exuberance in the transition from motor-show to showroom, losing many of their charming little details.

Obvio! pedals: sandal fantasticSmaller makers, by contrast, tend to be a bit more adventurous - often bringing the wow factor through to series production, in a bid to attract attention if nothing else. Look inside a recent TVR, for example. So we can only hope that Brazilian micro-sportscar maker Obvio! will bring its fabulous flip-flop style pedals to market.
Aptera pedals offer plus and minusAnd, equally, that Aptera's plus and minus pedals will survive through to customer deliveries.

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