Kewet Buddy electric wedge headed for UK

3 December 2007

Kewet BuddyVia a blog called Danny’s Contentment we learn that another hopeful electric car is heading for UK streets: the Kewet Buddy. “It’s a nice little car and better than I expected it to be,” says Danny, before reporting that the little wedge-shaped runabout will likely cost £11,000. Which is quite a lot. And it hails from Norway. And it looks a little bit like a Bond Bug with an extra wheel.

Designed to seat three abreast the Buddy also has luggage-carrying capacity “designed around two cases of beer,” according to Kewet. That’s the Norwegians for you.

The upcoming Th!nk City electric vehicle also hails from Norway, of course. “The authorities in Norway have ambitious policies for the increased use of electric vehicles, including incentives offering considerable financial and time-saving benefits. This includes no taxes, no road toll, free parking and use of the bus lane,” says Kewet. “As a result we have experienced a strong increase in demand.”

We hope Ken Livingstone is paying attention – use of bus lanes sounds like a great benefit that would contribute greatly to Ken’s plans for reducing pollution in London.

Kewet claims a top speed of 80-90km/h (50-56mph) depending on battery technology - maintenance-free lead-acid batteries are offered and lithium-ion are an option for greater storage capacity. Claimed range is 50-100km (31-62 miles) for the lead lumps, or 100-150km (62-93 miles) on lithium power.

We admire Kewet’s optimism in offering a towing hook among the optional extras.

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