Ready to race, part 2

30 August 2007

Racing G-Wiz No 3Maybe the idea of G-Wiz racing is not so far fetched as it seemed back in March, when we first spotted one of the cramped electric city cars decked out in GT40 stripes. Now another one has surfaced, spotted just around the corner from where the first has since regularly lurked.

Racing G-Wiz No 2So if there are two ready-to-race G-Wizzes in London, that’s enough for a race! Or, given that this one has a number 3 decal, and the first one we spotted was emblazoned with the number 2, maybe there’s at least a number 1 out there somewhere as well to make up the starting grid?

A three-way bout would be worth watching. In much the same way that cricket is worth watching. Well, it’s never going to be touring cars, is it?

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