Vorsprung durch television

28 October 2005

Audi TVOptimists who feel that TV adverts are often more entertaining than the programmes they sandwich will be able to test their theory to the full, with the launch of the UK’s first channel dedicated to promoting a single commercial brand.

The Audi TV channel began full-time broadcasting earlier this week on Sky Digital channel 259.

Audi has persuaded UK regulator Ofcom to issue the first ever self-promotional licence to broadcast, “setting a precedent in broadcasting regulations”, according to Audi. The carmaker also owns the licence to broadcast another channel, called Technical TV, but this has a general entertainment licence.

The channel will not be one long advert, apparently:

It will of course showcase the company's ever increasing range through informative programming - there will be nine major product launches alone during the channel's first year - but it has also been designed to entertain with content that extends far beyond the cars themselves.

Viewers will have to make up their own minds about the content.

Audi adds that it plans to use the interactive functions of Sky’s TV system to duplicate some of the functions of its web site, such as locating a dealership, ordering a brochure or booking a test drive.

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