Fuel-cell vehicles to land in Trafalgar Square

23 September 2005

Microcab's weird wheeled podLondoners who fancy getting up close and personal with fuel-cell technology will be able to do so next month: a selection of fuel-cell projects will be on public display in Trafalgar Square on Monday 3 October 2005, from 1pm until 5.30pm. The exhibits form part of the Grove Fuel Cell Symposium, a major international conference that is running from 4 – 6 October.
Among the delights waiting to be prodded by small children and crapped on by pigeons will be the Mercedes-Benz F-Cell; a weird-looking wheeled pod called the Microcab; and the equally outlandish ENV fuel-cell motorcycle from Intelligent Energy.
As well as the public display there will also be a formal exhibition that is free to attend providing you register, plus a paid-for conference track. Auto IT will beam back pics from the display and exhibition in due course, and will also attempt to sneak into the conference.

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