What wheels may come

15 August 2005

Sine-wavesBT futurologists Ian Neild and Ian Pearson have stuck their necks out and made some brave predictions about the world over the next 50 years. Along the way, they may have invented the world’s very worst graphical user interface. However, visitors that persevere with the perverse presentation – made up of scrolling, disappearing sine-waves spotted with points of interest – may find the information intriguing.
For visitors who find the experience as entertaining as dentistry, below are the most relevant automotive predictions and rough dates:

  • 2006: Pollution monitor chips built into cars
  • 2008: Cars with automatic steering
  • 2011: Speed controlled automatically
  • 2011: Hydrogen fuel on UK forecourts
  • 2015: Oil consumption peaks
  • 2021: Fully auto-piloted cars

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