Audi Q7 stops smartly too

19 August 2005

Q7 in its natural habitatAudi’s upcoming Q7 softroader will be the first production car to get stage 2 of Bosch’s Predictive Safety System (PSS), according to the German parts supplier. Last month Auto IT blogged about PSS in the context of VW’s new Passat Estate, which offers only stage 1 PSS - using the forward-looking adaptive cruise-control radar to work out when a collision looks possible, and then rapidly readying the vehicle’s braking system for an emergency stop.
The Q7’s stage 2 system then goes further, alerting the driver that it’s time to stomp on the middle pedal. Called Predictive Collision Warning, the second-stage system generates a “short but noticeable” braking pulse, and tugs the seatbelt tensioners tight.
Handily, the Q7’s adaptive cruise control will work right down to zero in stop-start traffic, apparently. This should help inattentive drivers from needing all the PSS braking cleverness in the first place.

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