Cure caravan-tower's wiggle

12 July 2005

Anyone who travels by single-carriageway country routes will have noticed that it’s caravan season, again. ESP maker Bosch reminds us that as well as clogging up the nations arteries, caravan drivers also pose a danger to themselves and to others. Travel too fast, ignore crosswinds, load a caravan poorly, and soon the tail will be wagging the dog.
According to Bosch the only thing to do when a caravan, horse-box or other trailer starts to sway is to slow down. Sadly some drivers believe that a bit of corrective steering will allow them to press on regardless, but all too often this will simply amplify the pendulum effect and put the whole wobbly mess in the ditch.
Starting with the BMW X5 in 2001, Bosch has been supplying makers with ESP systems programmed to detect the characteristic swaying and to do the sensible thing: cut the revs and apply the brakes for a moment. The anti-sway system is activated whenever a trailer is connected electrically at the towing hitch.
Car buyers keen on haulage should ask suppliers if the system is fitted to their tow-car of choice.

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