Production Renault Twizy electric car still as mad as ever

30 September 2010

Renault Twizy ZE production version

This is the production version of Renault’s radical Twizy ZE electric city car, on show today at the Paris Motor Show.

The car – actually a quadricycle – has changed somewhat since the earlier prototypes, but not as much as you might have expected. It’s still tiny, it’s still a tandem two-seater, and it still looks like nothing else on the road. It also still boasts Lamborghini-style lift-up scissor doors, although it doesn’t boast any windows. Just like the concept car, the production Twizy will be permanently open to the elements.

The lower half of the door has at least gained a polycarbonate panel to keep puddles out of the car and your socks dry.

Renault Twizy production interior

We grabbed a quick word with Renault EV chief Thierry Koskas at the show, who confirmed that no more changes are due before the car rolls into showrooms next year. He also noted that the interior is designed to withstand the elements – up to and including pressure washing – although future owners may be advised to carry a towel to dry the seat.

No word yet on exact prices – to date Renault has said it aims to compete with high-end scooters like Piaggio’s MP3.

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