Aston Cygnet shows off its plumage

17 December 2009

Aston Martin Cygnet front viewAston Martin has released pictures of its upcoming Cygnet city car, which is of course a Toyota iQ in fancy dress, tailored for owners of Aston sports cars.

The result is certainly a striking little car, even if it does put us more in mind of James Bond’s golf cart than a suitable form of transport for the image-conscious well-off.

Aston Martin Cygnet rearAston’s stylists have flexed their skills on the inside as well as the bodywork, and don’t seem to have known quite where to stop. While it’s always lovely to see hand-stitched hide take the place of elephant’s-arse plastic, we’re not so sure there isn’t too much lingerie-red leather. It all looks a mite like Plenty O’Toole’s boudoir.

And despite all the attention and expense lavished on the little thing, it still doesn’t seem to sport a centre armrest-cum-cubby-hole, which we found annoying by its absence when we took the unadorned base car – a Toyota iQ 1.33 CVT – for a spin a while back.

Aston Martin Cygnet interiorReal-world buyers will, of course, be able to specify a more subtle interior style when the Cygnet goes on sale in the UK and Europe at some ill-defined moment in 2010. Presumably most will choose options to match their existing Aston, since ownership of a full-size model is a prerequisite for purchase.

Aston’s ugly duckling has its detractors, many feeling it will sully the reputation of its bigger, swan-doored siblings. We beg to differ, and hope the plushest commuter car yet proves to be a soar-away success.

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