New VW Polo BlueMotion has to be better

6 March 2009

Mk5 Volkswagen Polo BlueMotionWe don’t much like the current Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion, so we’re pretty pleased to hear that VW has a new one lined up. The fifth-generation Polo was introduced at the Geneva show this week, and will roll onto UK roads in October.

The new car is longer and wider – as new models always seem to be – but lower and, thankfully, lighter by 7.5 per cent, according to VW.

The current Polo BlueMotion uses a rough old 1.4-litre three-cylinder diesel developing about 80bhp, but the new Polo Bluemotion will gain a larger, 1.6-litre 90bhp common-rail TDI unit. Despite the beefier engine, and the larger body, the new Polo BlueMotion will achieve better combined cycle scores of 74mpg and 96g/km, a smidge under the 99g/km of the current, hair-shirt, airless BlueMotion 1.

The new car keeps to just five gears – presumably for weight reasons – and will offer the familiar intergalactic gear ratios in third, fourth and fifth.

There’s more to come. In 2010, a next-generation BlueMotion will gain a spanking new 1.2-litre triple. Power for this common-rail diesel will be down at just under 75bhp, but VW says it will hit 85mpg and 87g/km on the combined cycle. The company adds that this benchmark will be reached using stop-start technology and regenerative braking, on top of the under-body aerodynamics, long ratios, dropped suspension and low-rolling resistance tyres that are the bread and butter of the BlueMotion business.

While the numbers are impressive, the timetable isn’t. Why is it taking VW so long to fit stop-start to its BlueMotion models? It’s lagging behind Kia, for pity’s sake, which started building left-hand-drive versions of its Ceed ISG (Idle Stop & Go) model in January.

We can wait. We just hope that when it arrives, the new Polo BlueMotion is a big enough step up from the old one.


Anonymous said...

Is there any news about when this car will be available in the UK?

My local VW dealer hasn't got a clue!

GreenMotor said...

VW dealers started taking orders on 18 February 2010 and the first deliveries are due in May. The new Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion costs from £14,445 on the road for the three-door, and £15,045 for the five-door model.

The car will come with the 1.2-litre TDI three-cylinder common-rail diesel, developing 74bhp and 133lbft of torque, a five-speed manual gearbox, regenerative braking and an automatic start-stop system.

Emissions and economy are a smidge worse than predictions, at 91g/km of CO2 and 80.7mpg on the combined cycle.

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