Will Mega City facelift bring more power?

12 May 2008

Aixam RoadlineThe Nice Car Company looks set to revamp its slow-selling and slow-moving Mega City electric runabout. The Mega City is based on a quadricycle normally sold to European teenagers by Aixam, and now Aixam has revamped this base vehicle. The old and boxy Aixam A751 has been replaced by the new and curvy Roadline.

Aixam’s cars are normally powered by small conventional engines, but Nice of course slots in a battery and motor combination. Now it looks set to repeat the powerplant transplant with the Roadline.

When we zipped, or rather chugged, around in the Mega City last year, it wasn’t the looks that really bothered us but the lamentable lack of acceleration. We’ve since spun around the block in the latest G-Wiz “i” and can confirm that the Mega City feels a slug in comparison to the latest Wiz.

So as well as a facelift, we’d like the Mega City to pay a visit to the gym. A beefed-up battery and motor combination would not go amiss.

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