Think's UK plans in detail

20 March 2008

Two Think City has posted a lengthy interview with Don Cochrane, who is the marketing brains behind Think's impending launch onto the UK market. You can also hear parts of the interview in audio (if you don't mind the background noise - it sounds like it was recorded while the actual plans were still being argued over and scribbled out on a flipchart).

Net-net is that Think still hasn't decided which batteries it will use in production; that the battery pack itself costs £10,000; that as a consequence the first £14,000 Thinks will be sold at a loss (even with the £100-per-month battery lease); and that UK customers won't take delivery of their cars until early 2009.

Cochrane also says that the Ox five-door shown off at Geneva would cost $200m to bring to market, and that Think therefore can't build it on its own. This estimate kind of puts Tesla's WhiteStar electric sedan plans into perspective.

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