Crashed G-Wiz: update and pics

10 May 2007

G-Wiz disintegratesTop Gear has published pictures of its own recent crash test of the Reva G-Wiz, albeit at a higher speed than the DfT's test (at 64km/h versus 56km/h). The crash test dummy's body had to be extricated from the wreckage separately from the legs, apparently. Ouch.

Meanwhile, the Nice Car Company got back to us, after our previous post, with a prepared statement about its vehicles. It confirmed that "The Mega City has been subjected to and passed all European safety tests that would be conducted for a traditional car. These would include side, front and rear impact and these are done by the French approval authorities."

Nice Car Company co-founder Evert Guertsen also had harsh words for UK Roads Minister Stephen Ladyman; "The minister’s statement that the quadricycle regulation was never envisaged to cover mainstream use is questionable. In fact there are more than 300,000 vehicles categorised as a quadricycle on the road in Europe and they have outstanding safety records."

The Mega City may be more expensive than the G-Wiz, but it seems like the extra cash might be money well spent.


Graeme Paul said...

The all plastic G-wiz as far as im concerned, is the safest vehicle in it's category. Look at it this way, it's a full blown vehicle that's being sold across India and the UK, do you think these factors would not have been considered? while I completely agree that these cars ought to be safer than they are. But the G-Wiz has a plastic body and if you've ever seen one, it doesn't look like a regular car and should not be compared in terms of safety with a regular car. Compare green apples to green apples not green apples to red ones.

Cathy John said...

"It’s very natural for any car that when you test drive it at its fullest speed it ll crash! But G-Wiz is a low speed vehicle designed for urban needs. It's quite k for moving within the city. As long as you don’t pull it to the high way and drive at its maximum, the car is safe."

Gary said...

I have seen the crash test video on another site, one that had a vested interest in denigrating electric cars, and they claimed the test was done at 30mph, which is ridiculous in light of the footage, which clearly shows damage that could only occur at speeds over 60mph. By the way, I'm not a G-Whiz owner and I'm not planning to be (the forthcoming Zap-X is more to my liking, thank you), so I have no emotional stake in this. Another thing I noted, not only about the site in question, but others, as well as TV news coverage of the test, was that they had extrapolated from this one test of one car by one manufacturer to all electric cars, in general, implying that none are safe (despite the prescence of air bags, seat belts, and all the other expected safety gear found in some electric cars).

Alan said...
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Alan said...

There is no reason to believe that the crash tests carried out on the G Whiz were rigged in order to remove the vehicle from the UK market.

The crash test parameters are freely available to all. There is no conspiracy against alternative electric vehicles; it is purely an issue of safety.

The G Whiz is very definitely not the safest vehicle in its category. That honour belongs to the French “Mega City” electric car.

Forget the loony conspiracy theories, the French produce a similar vehicle that meets current EU crash test criteria. The weight penalty for such compliance, 665KGS for the G Whiz, and 705KGS for the French Mega City. Sure, it costs more which reflects the R&D and build quality.

Which would you entrust to take the wife & kids to the supermarket?

Anonymous said...

So a G-whiz doesn't need to crash well because it doesn't go fast enough in a city environment?

Put it this way then. The car in question was crash tested at 40mph. Imagine a G-whiz travelling along the Edgeware Road at 20mph collides head on with a BMW 5 series, Ford Transit or even a MINI travelling (legally) at 30 mph. Or a police BMW 5 series travelling at 50 on an emergency call...

Are you people serious? You can't compare them to a car when in their natural environment they are surrounded by them? This car is dangerously unsafe.

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