Looks aren't everything

27 September 2006

“It looks like a spider wearing a gimp-mask.” That was the verdict from one young, style-conscious female on seeing the Twike, an electric vehicle now available in the UK. It certainly does seem to have an unfortunate face, and an equally arresting profile: side on it looks as if it was styled by parking a glider on a level crossing.

As well as divisive looks, and a name that will make owners sound like Jonathan Ross, the Twike also has a difficult price tag. At £15,000 this three-wheeler costs about twice as much as GoinGreen’s popular pig-lookalike, the G-Wiz.

Twike’s makers claim a maximum range of 90 miles per charge and a top speed of 53mph. The “optional pedal drive” that apparently “adds to the fun and fitness of the passengers” sounds a bit ominous, however.


Joshua Yeung King Lun said...

I think you are absolutely right, as the environment should be protected at all costs. Even eco-cars which look quite weird are better than flashy cars that pollute the environment. Mother Nature would always reward those who pay respect to her.

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Anonymous said...

At all costs would include destruction of mankind. I'd scale that back a little. What environment and protected to what purpose might be more precise.

As for eco cars, they don't have to look so flippin' weird and ugly. If I could buy an eco car as good looking albeit smaller than many flashy sportscars, then they'd be high on the shopping list. The same is true for many other car enthusiasts I think. There shouldn't need to be a seperate aesthetic. Just good looking vehicles. People often buy on emotions, looks and feel. Eco companies should know their marketing and use this to their advantage. I certainly would.

I'd have flashy eco cars that would rival anything gas guzzling going today for looks. Performance is another area of research. It would be nice to get shot of the eco=slow + ugly brigade. Instead, eco=fast, flashy, gorgeous,fashionable,sexy and eco friendly would be far far more effective. And flipping sensible!. They can still be small!

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