Fiat 500 meets the Homer-Simpson-mobile

5 May 2006

Homer Simpson's dream carIn a similar vein to the previous post, only more so, Fiat is asking the public for input into its upcoming Cinquecento city car. As Reuters notes, it’s a bit of a PR stunt, as the car is much too close to its 2007 launch for such feedback to affect anything more substantial than the interior fixtures and fittings, paintwork options, and the pieces of plastic screwed to the metalwork.
There’s a silly interactive preview tool for rank amateurs and kids to play around with, but the real beef is at the DesignBoom web site, where a competition invites more thoughtful submissions from budding designers. The competition closes in September, and there are €5,000 prizes up for grabs (plus €3,000 fees for designs that make it to production).
It'll all end in tears. Auto IT can’t help thinking of the time Homer Simpson was asked to put his common man’s touch to work on designing a car...

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