Game on for Saab fanciers

2 September 2005

Saab SportWagonSaab is currently promoting its new 9-3 SportWagon in the UK with an entertaining little online game, with the added bonus that the player who completes the game in the shortest possible time gets to drive away in a lovely new Saab.
Auto IT’s best time so far is a pitiful 4hrs, 3mins, 27secs.
Don’t worry, it doesn’t take four hours to play: the game zips along at a greatly accelerated pace and takes only about ten minutes from start to finish. Contestants can keep exploring the game to find a faster route - with the best effort automatically put forward for the competition.

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McWibble said...

Wow, that is really cool. Went via the backstreets, then stopped at the petrol station, picked up the Hitcher but then he tied me up!!!!B*gger. Got to play one of the mini games in the Kayak...way cool!!!! Reminded me of 1941 on the Commodore 64. Got a time of seven odd hours... gonna have to play again. Brilliant work. Well done Saab.

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